Edmond REALTORS® know how to throw a party!

patriarch-edmond-insideTonight I had the pleasure of attending The Big Give Back Event, hosted by the Edmond Board of REALTORS®‘ young professionals network, Edmond Leaders of Tomorrow (ELOT). And wow, does this group know how to throw a party!

This event benefited  the 66 Food Pantry. We all contributed many items of need, like deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, soap, toilet tissue and toothbrushes and had a great time together. They had live music, and the venue—The Patriarch—in Edmond had plenty of beers on tap.

group-at-edmond-board-ypn-eventI’m so proud of this group for partnering with a local charity to bring awareness and some aid to their clients. REALTOR® association young professional networks (YPN) around the country have so much good to give! Edmond, Oklahoma is right up there. Their association executive Stephanie Carter is a little dynamo for making great things happen for their members.

Tonight I got to have a nice long visit with OAR’s new chief executive officer Jessica Hickok and president-elect Kathy Fowler. Kathy has been a good friend for a number of years, and I’ve enjoyed working with her at the state and national level of the REALTOR® community. As incoming CEO, Jessica comes from The Greater Springfield (MO) Association of REALTORS® and brings many ambitious ideas for taking Oklahoma REALTORS® to higher places. She’s full of energy and excitement, and I have no doubt she’s just what we need!

REALTORS® in Oklahoma—and specifically Edmond, Oklahoma—are on an upward trajectory. I’m thrilled to be close to the action.

Now I can’t wait to take Sharon back to The Patriarch when it’s warm and we can enjoy their fantastic patio!