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Closing & Title Insurance

  1. Choice Title Insurance Agency • Pam Atyia
    (405) 273-9820
  2. First American Title & Trust • Email
    (405) 275-0266

Crime Map


  • Brian Tomlinson • Bob’s Electric 
    (405) 878-6067


  • OG&E (Oklahoma Gas & Electric)
    (405) 272-9741
  • Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative
    (405) 273-4680 • (405) 382-3680
    Transfer Fee: $25.00
    Membership fee: $5.00
    Deposit Info:
    A Canadian Valley Electric consumer may be required to post a security deposit calculated at one-sixth of the annual billing, which is equal to two months of bills. This deposit will automatically be refunded with accrued interest after a one-year anniversary date of the account showing no more than two late payments within that 12-month period. The deposit may be waived if you furnish a letter of credit from your current electric provider.

Fence Contractor

  • Bobby Lay
    (405) 623-6009

Foundation Repair


  • Central Disposal
    (405) 275-5854
    No deposit
    96-gal polycart $30/mo (2nd cart $11/mo)
  • Carl’s Sanitation (rural service)
    (405) 374-2260
    $26 deposit
    Polycart $29.34/mo

Gutters, Siding, Etc.


Home Inspectors

  1. Deveral Bridges • Advanced Home Inspections
    (405) 240-0216
  2. Dub Bushong • Frontier Home Inspections
    (405) 214-8050

Home Warranty Providers



Lawn Care

Mortgage Lenders


  1. Robert and Lisa Woodmore • Woodmore’s Mini Storage & Moving
    (405) 214-1184
  2. Two Men and a Truck
    (405) 595-0558
  3. Layton “Bo” Cannon • Code 3 Moving Co.
    (405) 512-8842

Natural Gas

  • ONG (Oklahoma Natural Gas)
    (405) 878-6250 • 800-664-5463 All online: click the button “I want to…” then “Start, stop or transfer service”
    $100 deposit

Pet Ordinances

  • Shawnee:
    • Dogs: “Section 1: Chapter 5, Article III – Dogs, Section 5-86, “Maximum number” is amended, and fully replaced with the following language: It shall be unlawful for any premise or lot in the city to have in their possession or under their control more than two dogs over the age of four months. However, a premise or lot may have in possession three dogs over the age of four months, if all three dogs are altered in accordance with this chapter.
    • Cats: Section 2: Chapter 5, Article IV – Cats, Section 5-224, “Maximum number” is amended, and fully replaced with the following language: It shall be unlawful for any premise or lot in the city to have in possession or under control more than three unaltered cats over the age of four months. However, a premise or lot may have under control six felines, all of which are altered as provided by article V of this chapter.”
    • If you have additional questions, you may contact Animal Welfare at (405) 878-1531


  • Keith Kuykendall • Southeastern Plumbing
    (405) 273-3237


Is the roofing contractor you’re considering in good standing with the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board? Search their list of Registered Roofing Contractors.

School Districts

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Security Systems


  • Dessa Design Co. • Kiah Dority
    (405) 863-1330 • consulting, has primarily accessories
  • Hayley Gibson •
    (405) 343-8299 • consulting, has both furniture & accessories


  1. Knight’s Land Surveying
    1110 N. Harrison • Shawnee, OK 74801
    (405) 273-6223
  2. Chuck Reed • Reed’s Surveying
    207 S Broadway • Tecumseh, OK 74873
    (405) 996-8910

Termite & Pest Control

  1. X-Treme Termite & Pest Control, LLC
    (405) 382-8800
  2. K9 Termite Finders • Phillip Culp
    (405) 601-2790 • 
  3. Hasbel’s Termite & Pest Control
    (405) 694-5086


Water Well Testing/DEQ Certified Soil Profiler

  • Ray Graham • Perc Works
    (405) 990-2045

Wiring Funds – CAUTION!

There’s been an upswing in a particularly insidious wire scam to steal money. Here’s how it works: hackers break into a real estate licensee’s e-mail account to obtain information about upcoming real estate transactions. After monitoring the account to determine the likely timing of the closing, the hacker will send an e-mail to the buyer, posing either as the title company representative or as the real estate agent. The fraudulent e-mail contains new wiring instructions or routing information and will request the buyer send transaction-related funds accordingly. Unfortunately, buyers have fallen for this scheme and have lost money. Never wire any funds without first verifying on the telephone, using a known telephone number, of the correct wiring instructions from the title company representative.