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Homes are houses with memories

children's names and dates are marked up the corner of this wall where they've been measured as they grow up!Today I was previewing a property that’s for sale to see if it’ll be a good fit for a buyer client. Most of what I saw walking through didn’t strike me as being terribly remarkable UNTIL I came around the corner of the hallway. I paused to think and reflect as I saw the marks on the corner of this wall where children stood up tall and straight so Mom or Dad or another family member measured them.

Janelle and Steve at home at 2705 Frank Buck Drive, Shawnee. Janelle is leaving for Camp Shahama with the Campfire Girls.

My sister, Janelle, and I in front of our house on Frank Buck Drive on departure day for her to go to Camp Shahama with the Campfire Girls. LOTS of memories in that home!

This family is not just selling a house. It’s their home. Memories were created here.

The house my family lived in when I was a small child was on the campus of Oklahoma Baptist University. And in the hall pantry across from my bedroom door, I remember a similar corner where our growth was tracked.

Understanding the emotions of selling and buying a home is important to comprehend. Sellers have all these memories of starting a family, painting a daughter’s room ballet slipper pink, and graduating children from high school. A homeowner may very easily hold on to memories like these when selling their house—their home—and subconsciously assign a dollar value to something that’s intangible. I feel it’s part of my job to help isolate those feelings and be a buffer to the emotions that could hold up a successful sale.

A first-time homebuyer who comes from a rental property may have become detached from the sentimentality that comes from personalizing their living space and experiencing life changes within the walls of their home. Purchasing a house may not feel like purchasing a home yet.

Having some empathy for the other party helps the process of negotiating a purchase contract and usually makes everyone happy with the end result. I’m in love with helping families with these significant life transitions!