Shawnee Area Schools

Teacher in front of a classroom leading a discussion and a student's hand is raised

I understand that your child’s school plays a factor in choosing the right neighborhood for your family. I get that! My wife, Sharon, has been a public school teacher in the Shawnee School District for 28 years and is a tireless advocate for public education at the local, state and national levels.

I work closely with her and the Shawnee School District, as well as with Superintendent April Grace. If you have questions about any of our schools, we can help!

In fact, I can navigate buying or selling your home and educate you on any of our local schools. If you have any questions, let me know!

Meanwhile, check out these School Reports for the Shawnee School District:


Grove Public School

Grades Served: PreK-8
2800 North Bryan Ave, Shawnee, OK 74804
(405) 275-7435
School Report and Ratings

Shawnee Public Schools

Grades Served: PreK-12
Address: 326 N. Union Ave, Shawnee, OK 74801
(405) 273-0653

Shawnee Early Childhood Center

Grades Served: PreK, K
Address: 1831 Airport Dr, Shawnee, OK 74804
Phone: (405) 273-3388
School Report and Ratings

Horace Mann Elementary School

Grades Served: K-5
Address: 412 N. Draper Ave, Shawnee, OK 74801
Phone: (405) 273-1806
School Report and Ratings

Jefferson Elementary School

Grades Served: 1-5
Address: 405 W. Dill St, Shawnee, OK 74801
Phone: (405) 273-1846
School Report and Ratings

Sequoyah Elementary School

Grades Served: 1-5
School District: Shawnee Public Schools
Address: 1401 E. Independence, Shawnee, OK 74804
Phone: (405) 273-1878
School Report and Ratings

Will Rogers Elementary School

Grades Served: 1-5
Address: 225 E. MacArthur St, Shawnee, OK 74804
Phone: (405) 273-1519
School Report and Ratings

Shawnee Middle School



North Rock Creek Public School

North Rock Creek Public School
Grades Served: PreK-10
Address: 42400 Garrett’s Lake Rd, Shawnee, OK  74804
Phone: (405) 275-3473
School Report and Ratings