REALTOR® Association Volunteer Experience

My wife, Sharon, is my world and a huge advocate in her own right for public education!

My participation in committee work with colleagues from all around the country gives me such energy and makes me a more well-rounded real estate professional. Being able to help shape our industry could not be more fulfilling to me either. I thrive on advocating for consumers and members alike.

My career is shaped from a number of practical experiences. My passion lies in building the real estate profession to a high level of competency through unshakable ethics, strong advocacy and thoughtful leadership. I am a huge community evangelist and focus much of my attention outward to the many small businesses, organizations and individuals who make a positive impact on the community.

Experience with REALTOR® association management in the areas of education, marketing and community outreach gives me a broad perspective on the latest real estate trends and successful marketing techniques. I’ve played an active part in the real estate industry since 1994, with about 12 years invested in senior-level positions with the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS®.


Committee Experience

  • NAR Commitment to Excellence Badge

    In January, 2020, I completed the C2EX endorsement!


    • C2EX Endorsement 2020
    • Diversity Committee 2020
    • Business Issues Policy Committee 2019
    • Member Communications Committee 2018
      • HUB Ambassador 2018
    • Consumer Communications Committee 2017
    • AE YPN Advisory Board 2016
    • Member Communications Committee 2016
    • Consumer Communications Committee 2014
    • Professional Development Committee 2008-2013
      • GRI Benchmarks Work Group (chair) 2010
    • AEC Leadership Programming Work Group 2008


  • Oklahoma Association of REALTORS®
    • Board of Directors 2001-2002, 2019-2021
    • Government Affairs Committee 2011-2013, 2017-2021
    • Professional Development Committee 1998-2001, 2018 (vice chair), 2019-2021
    • RPAC Board of Trustees 2012-2021
    • YPN Advisory Board 2016-2017
    • District Vice President 2001-2002
    • Executive Committee 2001-2002
    • Professional Standards Committee 2001
    • Association Meetings Committee 2001
    • Grievance Committee 1998-2000


  • Oklahoma City Metro Association of REALTORS®
    • Board of Directors 2018-2021
    • President-Elect 2021
    • Vice President 2020
    • Executive Committee 2020, 2021
    • Government Affairs/RPAC Committee 2018-2021
    • Contracts & Forms 2021 (chair)
    • Education Committee 2016, 2017 (chair), 2018
    • Membership Committee 2017
    • YPN Chair 2011


  • Shawnee Board of REALTORS® (prior to 2002)
    • President
    • Board of Directors
    • Education Committee 
    • MLS Committee 
    • Professional Standards Committee 
    • REALTOR® of the Year


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