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Here is a list of service providers in the course of a real estate transaction.

My clients receive a narrowed down list of vetted service providers in my Client Service Directory. If that’s you, request the password for access!

These other resources may be of value to you:

Closing & Title Insurance

  • First American Title & Trust • Email
  • FirsTitle Insurance Agency • Email
  • Stuart & Clover Title • Email

Estate Sales

Home Inspectors

Home Warranty Providers

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Mold Inspection and Abatement

  • Stronghold Environmental (Mold, Lead Paint, Asbestos)
    405-286-5417 • Website

Mortgage Loans



  • Dessa Design Co. • Kiah Dority
    405-863-1330 • consulting, primarily has accessories
  • Hayley Gibson •
    405-343-8299 • consulting, has both furniture & accessories

Structural Engineers

  • Anasazi Engineering • 405-590-1894
  • Dave Gastgeb • 405-760-7090
  • Hill Engineering Group • Jonathan Hill
  • Gary McCracken • 405-388-1616


  1. Knight Land Surveying
    1110 N. Harrison • Shawnee, OK 74801
  2. Phil Lynam • Lynam Land Surveying
    341069 E Country Meadows • Meeker, OK 74855

Termite & Pest Control

  1. X-Treme Termite & Pest Control, LLC
  2. K9 Termite Finders • Phillip Culp
    405-601-2790 • 

Water Well Testing/DEQ Certified Soil Profiler

  • Ray Graham • Perc Works
  • Zane White • well & septic inspector
    405-380-7944 •

Water Well Testing/DEQ Certified Soil Profiler

  • Ray Graham • Perc Works

Wiring Funds – CAUTION!

There’s been an upswing in a particularly insidious wire scam to steal money. Here’s how it works: hackers break into a real estate licensee’s e-mail account to obtain information about upcoming real estate transactions. After monitoring the account to determine the likely timing of the closing, the hacker will send an e-mail to the buyer, posing either as the title company representative or as the real estate agent. The fraudulent e-mail contains new wiring instructions or routing information and will request the buyer send transaction-related funds accordingly. Unfortunately, buyers have fallen for this scheme and have lost money. Never wire any funds without first verifying on the telephone, using a known telephone number, of the correct wiring instructions from the title company representative.