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I commit to you, the public and fellow real estate professionals, a high level of excellence in the service I offer my clients. 

I pledge and promise to:

  1. Be current and knowledgeable about the laws, regulations and legislation affecting the real estate disciplines I engage in, and about real estate in the Shawnee community
  2. Understand the REALTORS® Code of Ethics is a living document and keep informed about its duties and obligations on an ongoing basis
  3. Provide equal professional services to all, consistent with Article 10 of the REALTORS® Code of Ethics
  4. Advocate for property ownership rights in Shawnee, the state of Oklahoma, and the nation
  5. Consistently invest substantial personal money and time to the REALTORS® Political Action Committee to help elect candidates who understand and support real estate issues
  6. Acknowledge and value that honesty and integrity are fundamental and essential to REALTORS® being known as consumers’ trusted advisors
  7. Remain proficient in the use of technology tools to provide the highest level of service to clients, customers and the public
  8. Facilitate cooperation by sharing accurate, current information with consumers and other real estate professionals
  9. Keep up to date on laws and regulations governing data privacy and data security and take necessary and appropriate steps to safeguard the privacy and integrity of information entrusted to me
  10. Commit to enhancing my knowledge and skills in the real estate areas of practice in which I engage on an ongoing basis
  11. Provide superior customer service
  12. Appreciate that courteous, timely communication and cooperation are fundamental to facilitating successful real estate transactions
  13. Continue to build and maintain an impeccable professional reputation.

These are great conversation starters to help you make an informed decision on the best real estate professional to represent you.