About me

Steve Reese as a baby having a bath in the kitchen sink

Here I am as a baby with Frankie, our family’s beloved housekeeper, enjoying bath time in the kitchen sink!

“I feel a strong sense of gratification building up others around me.”

My wife, Sharon, and I live in Shawnee, Oklahoma—a thriving bedroom community about 35 minutes east of Oklahoma City, where I’ve been in the real estate industry for about 27 years.

We’re firmly planted in our little community, where Sharon teaches special education English at Shawnee High School, where we’re active in the music ministry of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, where we enjoy one of the friendliest Starbucks in existence, and we have family and close friends nearby.

I’m not only an apostle for Shawnee, I’m Sold on Shawnee as well. By day, I sell real estate and blog about the world around me, and in my down time, I’m living it up with Sharon. You can probably find us having a yummy happy hour, wine tasting, attending live theater or just hanging out together and with friends.

Much of my life involves service. I feel a strong sense of gratification building up others around me. I’ve served the 10,000+ members of the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® to support their education, public image, and consumer advocacy. I’ve served a small real estate company with fewer than 12 agents and one with nearly 300 real estate agents to coach, consult, and increase their business. However one of my most treasured roles is serving families in the Shawnee, Oklahoma area with their largest financial instrument—their home. Guiding and advocating for them through the buying and selling process to a win-win is an exhilarating victory! I’m proudly affiliated with NextHome Central Real Estate.

Spoiler alert: I’m a sucker for brunch, have a black belt in shopping, and still enjoy splashing around in the water.

Here’s the “LinkedIn” version:

Steve is a 27-year veteran of the real estate industry, about half directly serving the Shawnee community and the rest serving the 10,000+ Oklahoma REALTOR® members. His experience in senior-level management with the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® included education, communications, marketing, and public affairs.

Steve has always pushed the real estate profession to a high level through relationship building, advanced education, advocacy, and unshakable ethics. In addition to local and state committee work, Steve is involved on a number of national association committees and volunteers on behalf of property owners to educate legislators at the state and national levels on issues of critical importance. Political advocacy is a vital component of being a REALTOR® these days. Homeowners who think we just sell houses need to know that many of us are involved in the political process for the benefit of everyone. Real estate is my profession. Politics is my business.

An avid real estate conference participant, Steve says, “Traveling throughout the country, I have gained so much from a network of top professionals. Through these respected colleagues, I can literally match up buyers and sellers with a quality agent in every area of the country.”

Connect with Steve on social media platforms @SoldonShawnee, and by text/phone at (405) 585-6580.