Home shopping pro tip for furniture placement

Whether or not you’re downsizing—or rightsizing—in your next home, room dimensions, layout and furniture placement are major considerations as you look at homes for sale.

Rather than have the disappointment of your furniture not fitting as you’re moving in, why not bring it with you as you shop for homes? This is something I’ve done off and on with buyers over the years, so I’m sharing the idea with you!

If you’re a visual person like I am, just having your furniture dimensions isn’t enough. What I sometimes recommend to buyer clients is to measure the furniture and then transfer them to butcher paper, or like a current buyer did with fabric scraps!

In this case below, we not only have some large pieces of furniture but a grand piano as well. With a piano, it’s not just about the dimensions of the actual piano. You need some space around it to open the lid, a comfortable distance for the piano bench, and not have it crammed up against something else. Fabric is much easier to move around than a 500+ pound piano. And you’re not paying movers an hourly rate to change your mind or weakening the piano legs in the process!

When shopping for homes, easily rearrange large furniture pieces using fabric cutouts

Using your major anchor pieces of furniture, you can make sure the home you end up buying has the right amount of space. After all, it doesn’t do any good to fall in love with a house only to find out after you move in that your furniture won’t fit.

I hope you found this bit of advice valuable! See more more tips and helpful information in my 25 steps to buying a house.