I am sold on (Shawnee) teachers!

There’s a side to my wife, Sharon, and I you may not know about. Being political junkies at heart, we really gravitate toward advocacy in our respective areas—public education and private property rights. Our work—paid and volunteer—has us going in different directions much of the time.

You know I love talking to individuals, organizations, and small businesses about the terrific things they’re doing in the community and what makes them sold on Shawnee. Right now, public school teachers across Oklahoma have my heart. They’re in a huge battle to restore adequate funding to education, not only to stop the hemorrhaging of our teachers to other states but to give students the tools to help them attain their highest potential.

Sharon is someone who constantly amazes me with her ability and willingness to advocate for others. She gives so much of her time—our time—and applies incredible intellect and charm in the right places. It’s her superpower. And I love this about her.

In addition to supporting my teacher-wife, I also have a passion for playing an active role in the political process, but in the real estate industry. Now of course, I love helping people successfully navigate the process of negotiating, buying and selling homes. As an added bonus, my political involvement—lobbying lawmakers and contributing to real estate-friendly candidates—keeps barriers to homeownership low and protects private property rights.

I’m amazed how relatively few REALTORS® are involved with political advocacy to a high degree. A dear friend in North Caroline and a real estate professional whom I look up to coined the phrase “More Than Houses” to describe the extra steps she takes beyond selling property. Adopting the mantra “More Than Houses” sets us apart from the rank and file real estate agents out there—the “lockbox REALTORS®”—who open lockboxes, sell property, and collect commissions.

The satisfaction I gain from playing a part in legislative and regulatory victories goes far beyond a closed transaction because those victories benefit everyone.

If you have a question about education or real estate legislation, we are two people you know you can contact for answers. And we don’t know the answer, we’ll connect you with the right person who will!

Here’s how to connect with Sharon: