2 Things every homebuyer should replace

When you buy a new home, it’s usually expected for the previous owner to leave the house in “broom-clean condition”.

I think it’s worth a couple hundred dollars—if you’re able—to have a cleaning crew go in and give the house a good scrubbing top to bottom. And there are a couple things I believe are of utmost importance to replace when you take occupancy.

key opening deadbolt lock in door1. For safety, you should replace the locks, or remove them and take them down to a locksmith for rekeying. There’s no way of knowing how many copies have been given out to friends, relatives, housekeepers, house sitters, etc. And not that any of these people are going to do anything nefarious, you’ll just feel better knowing no one you don’t know has a key to your new home.

toilet seats displayed at a hardware store2. The second things you should replace—and this is a sanitary item—are the toilet seats.

I’m admittedly a bit of a germaphobe, so coming up with this is no surprise. It makes sense though, right? Just don’t think about it, and run down to Lowe’s or even Walmart and buy new ones. Now!

I’ve provided more detailed information on securing your new house including smart home devices in another blog post. It’s worth a quick read.

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