Do you wish to be a buyer client or a customer?

It is my desire to provide the highest level of service to the people I serve. In Oklahoma, that means creating a licensee-client relationship through a written agreement. For sellers, that is an Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement. For buyers, we prepare a Buyer Broker Service Agreement. It’s like a listing agreement for the homebuyer. In a nutshell, I agree to represent your best interests and be your advocate (something not allowed in a customer relationship) and then you agree to using my services when the time comes to select a home and make a contract on it!

If you are my buyer client, I will:

  • Provide professional advice, in addition to material facts
  • Provide price counseling and professional insights based on comparable properties
  • Pay full attention to your needs
  • Tell you all I know about the seller, within the boundaries of the Oklahoma Broker Relationships Act regarding confidentiality
  • Keep information about you confidential
  • Focus on choices that satisfy your needs
  • Protect and guide you
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Work to solve problems to your advantage and satisfaction

In a customer relationship by law, Oklahoma real estate licensees may only:

  • Maintain loyalty only to the transaction and not to you, the buyer
  • Provide material facts without professional advice
  • Provide price information without counsel and insight
  • Negotiate on behalf of the transaction without regard for your best interests
  • Attempt to solve problems to protect the success of the transaction

Please feel free to read the Oklahoma Broker Relationships Law as it defines the mandatory duties and responsibilities required of real estate licensees. Refrain from reading after a cocktail or at bedtime.