Holiday cheer for homebuyers as mortgage rates take a dip

Hello, savvy readers! Steve Reese here, your friendly REALTOR® from the heart of Shawnee, Oklahoma. I’ve got some encouraging news that’s sure to add a sprinkle of holiday magic to your homebuying dreams.

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, this week’s headlines are like a festive surprise just in time for the season. Picture this: mortgage interest rates have taken a delightful dip to the lowest we’ve seen in almost two months. It’s like the universe decided to gift potential homebuyers with a bit of extra cheer.

But wait, there’s more to the story. This isn’t just a one-time occurrence. We’re on the fourth week of this downward trend, teasing the possibility of rates inching even closer to 7% by the year’s end. Can you feel the excitement building?

In this blog post, we’ll unpack the details, explore expert insights, and discuss what this means for you, the potential homebuyer. Whether you’re a first-timer or seasoned in the real estate game, these developments might just be the nudge you need to turn your homeownership dreams into reality.

So, grab your favorite warm beverage, get cozy, and let’s begin to open the holiday gift that the real estate market has unwrapped for you. It’s time to seize the moment and consider making ‘buying a home’ your New Year’s resolution. And let’s make it extraordinary!

Rates on a Downward Trend

In the spirit of the season, mortgage interest rates have averaged a delightful 7.29% this week, marking the lowest point in almost two months. This consistent decline over four weeks hints at the possibility of rates inching closer to 7% before the year concludes.

Your Homebuying Gift

The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has settled at a comfortable 7.29%, down from last week’s 7.44%. Imagine this as an early holiday gift, especially after rates danced around 8% in October.

Market Update

While existing home sales show a dip and mortgage applications—though up by 3%—still trail last year by 20%, there’s a spark of optimism. Experts foresee a potential turnaround in early 2024 if these favorable rates continue.

Expert Insights

Sam Khater, Freddie Mac’s chief economist, notes potential homebuyers are waiting for better rates and more inventory. Danielle Hale,’s chief economist, sees 2024 as the year for homebuying if rates keep improving.

Navigate Economic Waves

Despite economic uncertainty, mortgage rates remain steady, offering hope for savvy homebuyers. Rates are falling amid a mix of economic reports, keeping investors intrigued.

Rise in Mortgage Applications

Joel Kan, Mortgage Bankers Association’s deputy chief economist, brings good news. Mortgage applications are up by 3%, hitting their highest level in six weeks. The average purchase loan application amount is $403,600, the lowest since January, indicating a potential surge of first-time homebuyers entering the market.

Ready to Make Your Move?

These exciting times in the real estate market present a golden opportunity. If you’ve been considering buying a home but putting it off because of uncertain interest rates, now might just be the time. Remember: as rates continue downward and more houses come on the market, your competition for the right home could slip away. Don’t miss out—seize the moment, explore your options, and make your homeownership dreams a reality. Stay tuned for more updates from the dynamic world of real estate. 

If you want to start perusing the selection of homes out there right now, you can enter in your search criteria here in a way that’s very similar to how it’s done on the MLS. If anything strikes your fancy, we can investigate further! Happy house hunting!