Shawnee coffee survival guide

You probably know our go-to coffee shop is Starbucks. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve been unable to keep the cafe and patio open. That’s given us the chance to spend time at the other coffee houses in Shawnee!

Survival Guide

So I can share my caffeinated love, I felt compelled to share a little survival guide to our Shawnee friends and neighbors. We’re fortunate to have a number or quality coffee shops in Shawnee. We enjoy all of them on occasion. Who knows? You may find yourself a new coffee home at one of these independent coffee houses!

Click on the icons in the map below to see more info about each shop, their website and hours.

Interactive Coffee Map

Starbucks caffe latte with foam artObviously there are fast food, convenience stores and restaurants that have good coffee (e.g. I like Sonic coffee in a pinch!), but I’ve just included places on the map that are mainly coffee. I won’t judge harshly if you go to Jimmy’s Egg or Cracker Barrel for your coffee 🙂

Sharon and Steve drinking coffee at StarbucksSharon and I started our love of Starbucks around 2002, about when I started working for the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® in Oklahoma City. Our “home” Starbucks at that time was at 63rd and Western in Nichols Hills Plaza. And our gateway drink was the Mocha Frappuccino (The “MF”). We got to know a number of regulars and also some amazing baristas—like Jessica Winderweedle. Jessica graduated from OBU and worked her way up at that store and then came back home to open Shawnee’s first—and still only—Starbucks in 2006. (They kept our housewarming plant alive for a number of years!)

So, be Sumatra-roast strong, Shawnee! We will survive through plentiful coffee, and I encourage you to love on the local coffee shops Shawnee has to offer.