Richard’s Drug beats a national chain with service

Sharon and I are customers of Richard’s Drug and were won over by their service. As owner Jamie Barrick would say, “We’re better than an app!”

We had been customers of a national chain primarily because of the proximity to our home, their late hours and a mobile app. On the surface, you may think those are all you need in a pharmacy, but I’m here to tell you there’s a distinct difference in dealing with a small local business. Richard’s Drug may not have an app, but they have a pharmacist who’s—in my opinion—more well versed than many doctors about effective courses of treatment, they will deliver your prescriptions to your home or office, and they will brighten your day with fun conversation!

Now y’all, we all know the national chains of any kind are run by local people who inject their charm and personality into the culture of the company they work for, and I am not criticizing them. At all. The very nature of a franchise, though, is to make one in Shawnee look, feel and taste like one in Tulsa, Enid, or Chicago. At a locally-owned small business, they have the freedom to give you the kind of experience that reflects their personality and what they know their community really desires. And they often make significant contributions to their community that’s much more than corporate funding.

I’m in love with how all the pieces of Shawnee are coming together to make a dynamic and exciting community. This video explains Jamie Barrick’s and Richard’s Drug’s long history of community involvement.

So beyond being a drugstore, Richard’s Drug has an array of gifts, home decor, jewelry, baby items, and you name it. There’s lots to look at while you’re waiting for your prescription to be filled or you can slip next door to the Hamburger King!

Here’s how to find Richard’s Drug:

324 E. Main, Shawnee, OK 74801
Phone: (405) 273-7800
Richard's Drug on Facebook

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