Shawnee fire station undergoing renovation to remove mold

If you haven’t driven past Fire Station No. 2 on Bryan and Independence in the past week, you might wonder what happened. The fire station is undergoing mold remediation due to a longtime problem of water penetration through the stucco-like exterior. Some of us think of a brand name, Dryvit, as a manufacturer of this material. Here’s a story that explains some of the problems and remediation solutions for the EIFS material when trapped moisture causes it to fail.

shawnee ok fire station no 2 during mold remediation

We all know mold needs a constant source of moisture to live and spread, so when you stop the water source, you essentially kill the mold. I guess the problem with Fire Station No. 2 had gotten so bad and had not been addressed, the building has to be essentially taken apart to bring it back to a habitable condition. It was built in 1999.

About six months ago the City of Shawnee started the process of soliciting bids to remediate the problems.

According to an October 2016 article by The News-Star, “while the fire station on Bryan Street station is out of commission, the No. 2 fire crew has moved back into the old fire station site in the 1200 block of East Main.”