Shawnee High School is the foundation of a great community

Someone I think you need to know is Matt Johnson, the principal at Shawnee High School. This week he hosted Coffee with the Principal in the school library where he laid out some plans, gave updates and answered questions. It was a fantastic way for members of the community to interact with him and some other faculty. And, of course coffee! Follow Mr. J’s World on Twitter to know when the next session will be.

One thing that really impresses me is how he’s taken an aggressive approach to communications and outreach. Never before have the stakeholders of Shawnee High School had this degree of messaging about school activities and student highlights. Utilizing mobile apps and social media, there’s a concerted effort to draw the community in to what’s happening at Shawnee High School. He’s a champion for our students and a trusted supporter of the faculty.

Teachers looking to be hired by school districts in Oklahoma should reach out to Matt Johnson. Families considering a move to Shawnee have fine schools for their children to attend. Shawnee High School prepares students for many varied options post-graduation.

Only in his second year at SHS, Mr. Johnson’s leadership is sure to be a factor in the school continuing its upward trajectory, which in turn is a huge benefit to the Shawnee Oklahoma community. You’ll want to follow Matt on his social media channels and keep in tune to his regular updates!

Here’s how to connect with Matt Johnson and Shawnee High School: