Street light maintenance depends on neighbors

Whether it’s summertime and we’re taking advantage of cooler temps walking for exercise and a little endorphin boost or getting in some extra steps in the early evenings when the days are shorter, you don’t realize how many street lights we depend on until one has gone out.

I read where the bulbs in street lights last 4-6 years on average, so obviously, there’s an ongoing maintenance need by the electric company. In addition to burned-out bulbs, the photosensor or another element of the fixture could be broken.

A while back a member of our wonderful Nextdoor Larkins Meadow online community gave us a reminder that’s good for all of us to keep in mind. If your street light goes out, it’s our responsibility to contact OG&E to report it. Their number is 800-522-6870, option 6, or use the form on their website. OG&E doesn’t have a way of checking on them, so they depend on us to report when we see lights are out, so they depend on good neighbors like us to help!

You might be interested to know OG&E is moving to LED lightbulbs—which can last up to 3 times as long. They’ve made progress in Shawnee but still have a ways to go.

Thanks for being a good neighbor!