Zoe Loeser embodies the excitement and passion for Shawnee

Get ready to fall in love, y’all. This girl Zoe Loeser is a bundle of energy and love for everything around her. (Before I forget: Loeser rhymes with closure. You’re welcome!) She’s sincere, loving, and a sparkly ray of sunshine! The non-profit she works for, Community Renewal of Pottawatomie County, has been blessed with wonderful people.

Zoe Loeser is the new Block Leader Coordinator for Community Renewal. Like her title suggests, Zoe designs training and strategy for the volunteers who have taken the next level of commitment from the “We Care” members. Block leaders foster relationships among their neighbors and find ways to bring their tribe together in meaningful ways. Zoe explains it perfectly in the video.

Community Renewal is an organization whose work is definitely at the root of much of the positivity we’re experiencing around Shawnee. I attended an information lunch meeting a few months ago, felt an immediate alignment to their mission, and soon volunteered as a block leader for our little corner of Cherokee and Mojave in Larkins Meadow.

For volunteers of all levels with Community Renewal, you’re immediately more aware of the people who share your little corner of the world. You make more of an effort to speak to neighbors, acknowledge you’re one of the good guys in the area, and then gradually build a bond.

I’m honestly a bad neighbor, y’all. I’m only acquainted with a handful of my neighbors. Sharon and I pretty much stay to ourselves in our little bubble. It’s not that we don’t like people, because we love people! Now with Community Renewal on our minds, we—and many of the neighbors in our “block”—are going to get to know each other and build familiarity and trust this year!

Enjoy this video of precious Zoe. She moved to Shawnee with her husband Dr. Brandon Loeser, who joined Shawnee Dental a couple years ago. As anyone in their stage of life would assume, Shawnee would likely be a stepping stone in their careers. A number of factors, chiefly their love for their new hometown and the people who make up the Shawnee community, made this a place they see themselves living for the rest of their lives. I hope that happens. Shawnee is a great place because of people like the Loesers and organizations like Community Renewal.

Here’s how to connect with Zoe and Community Renewal: