Happy Hour

Vast isn’t just for bougie dinners

Last night, Sharon and I were dressed up for a friend’s wedding reception and needed to kill a couple hours. Naturally we were looking for a nice happy hour-kinda place.

Sharon had what she thought was a decent idea—why don’t we go up to Vast for a drink and apps? You know, she has may decent ideas. Besides being cold as balls outside, meeting downtown was a most excellent idea! We agreed we’d rather spend money on the experience and not valet parking, so we parked on the street (free in OKC after 6:00pm) a block and a half away by the library.

We had a terrific time! Not too many people at the bar. In fact, not too many people in the whole 49th floor on an early Friday evening on the eve of New Year’s Eve. The bartenders were very friendly and chatting it up with us. Even Chef Kurt Fleischfresser was poised just at the end of the bar giving occasional assistance to the servers and bartenders. His daughter, Allie, is a new event planner for Vast and came by to visit about when she was in Rocky Horror Show in Shawnee a number years ago. Sharon played keyboard in the pit.

sharon-and-steve-vast-cocktailsWe recreated a cocktail featured at Dallas’s Mansion on Turtle Creek bar over the Thanksgiving holiday this year—the Tegroni. It’s like a Negroni but with tequila instead of gin. It may be my new favorite drink!

So anyway, when you’re looking for a quaint place for cocktails in Downtown Oklahoma City—or anywhere in Oklahoma City—take a ride up to the 49th floor of the Devon Energy Tower and have a Vast experience.