Time to declutter and stage

Once all the paperwork is complete, I’ll walk through your home room by room with you to create a comprehensive list of items that need to be decluttered, furniture that needs to be moved or put in storage, and together we’ll determine whether we need to bring in a professional stager to stage either certain rooms or the entire property.

Unless the property is vacant, we usually don’t need a stager. Instead, we often bring artwork and small pieces for free to augment what you already have in your home. If your home is vacant and we do need a stager, we’ll arrange for several companies to provide us with quotes. Once we’ve picked a stager, you would pay the staging company directly for their services. Here are several great before and after photos highlighting why staging a vacant home is so important.

One service I also offer as an alternative to physically staging a vacant home is virtual staging. It’s a good option and something that will elevate your listing above our competition. Check out my blog post showing examples of virtual staging.

Here is my complete staging/decluttering checklist. Remember, we’ll create a personalized list just for your home. Once the staging/decluttering is done, let me know so we can schedule an appointment with our photographer to take professional photos of your home.

Questions? Email me at or call (405) 585-6580.

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