Liven up any space with these six decor hacks

No one wants their home to feel small and cramped. Make your rooms look bigger and add a little character with these six easy decor hacks!

  1. Hang pots and pans
    Whether you hang them in a corner, above the stove or over a kitchen island, this storage method can be aesthetically pleasing while also freeing up precious kitchen cabinet space. If you’re tall like me, you’ll appreciate not always crouching down to find the right pan.
    Just don’t go overboard here 🙂
  2. Freshen up with plants
    Try a large bold plant, a couple hanging plants, or some tiny succulents — whatever you can seamlessly fit into your space. You say you don’t have a green thumb? The plants don’t have to be real. You can find artificial plants that are so convincing, you might forget they’re fake and water ’em!
  3. Conceal your cords
    Use cord hooks and Velcro strips to gather cords together. Cover them with furniture, a basket, a plant or an elegant box that complements your room’s theme. If you absolutely can’t hide a cord, you can dress it up with a fabric cord cover.
  4. Center your furniture
    In a smaller room, we’re tempted to push nightstands and beds into the corner. Keeping furniture centered with space on each side creates an uncluttered look. Children’s bedrooms are an exception. Having a twin or maybe even full size bed against the far wall with play space in the middle is fine. (Just keep the toys picked up when your house is being shown to buyers!)
  5. Use some nesting tables
    A great space saver for smaller living rooms or bedrooms is a set of nesting tables. The tables stack, so you can line them up as one unit, or break them up into separate pieces when you have company.
  6. Mirror, mirror on the wall
    When placed across from a window, a mirror can visually expand even more, creating an illusion of infinite space. They also make for beautiful wall decor!

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Image of infographic 6 decor hacks for small spaces

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