Buying a home: time for showings!

You’ve found properties on the MLS you’re interested in seeing, we’ve set up your showings, and we head out soon to see them!  Before we start, here are a few important things to know:

  • Many sellers want to know you are pre-approved before being able to see their home
  • Sellers usually require advance notice prior to showings. They may also put other limitations on showings such as no showings after 6pm or on Sundays, etc.
  • Wear comfortable slip-on shoes, as we may be asked to remove our shoes in some homes.
  • If sunlit rooms are important to you in a home, let’s try to schedule showings during daylight hours.
  • Dress for the weather. The walkway or driveway may be snowy, icy, muddy, etc. The house may or may not be set at a comfortable temperature.
  • Vacant houses may not have any utilities turned on, even though the standard listing agreement dictates they be left on.
  • Don’t assume we’ll be able to use the bathroom, so plan accordingly. If we have a long tour planned, we can stop for a break!
  • Focus on the property, not their furnishings, artwork, etc. Remember, you’re buying the property, not their stuff.
  • Avoid touching furniture or personal items. We don’t want to be responsible if something breaks.
  • Remind children not to play with the toys and other things they see in the house.
  • The home inspection comes AFTER a contract is agreed upon and signed by both the buyer and seller. During a typical showing, we should not be in the crawl spaces, attic, etc.
  • ALWAYS ASSUME WE’RE BEING WATCHED. Many homeowners have video surveillance throughout their homes and could be watching AND LISTENING to us as we tour their home. Here’s a short video where I talk about the importance of preserving your privacy during the showing process. Don’t talk about how much you can afford, what kind of offer you might want to make on the home, etc. while in the house because someone might be listening. We can talk freely once we’re back in our cars.
  • If sellers are home, be careful not to give away much about yourself and why you’re buying, as that information could also hurt us later during the negotiation process.

Now let’s go see some homes!