Condo vs. townhouse: understanding the key differences in ownership

Today, we’re exploring the differences between condo ownership and townhome ownership. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, understanding these distinctions can significantly impact your decision-making process.

1. Condo Ownership

Condominium ownership typically involves owning only the interior space of your unit, while common areas and exterior maintenance are managed by the homeowners association (HOA) through monthly dues. This means you have limited responsibility for maintenance tasks like lawn care and exterior repairs, making condos a popular choice for individuals seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle.

In the case of Northcreek Manor on Kickapoo Street in Shawnee, the HOA for those townhomes is responsible for some of the exterior maintenance (e.g. roofs) and common areas. They experienced significant damage—and some were destroyed—in the April 2023 tornado. Owners are still working to resolve their losses from that storm.

2. Townhome Ownership

In contrast, townhome ownership usually provides owners with full control over both the interior and exterior of their unit, including the land it sits on. While townhomes often share walls with neighboring units, each owner is responsible for maintaining their property independently. This autonomy allows for greater customization and flexibility in landscaping and exterior upgrades.

Key Differences Summarized

Condo owners typically only own the space inside their units, while townhome owners have ownership of both the interior and exterior, including the land. Maintenance responsibilities vary, with condo associations handling exterior upkeep for condos and individual owners responsible for both interior and exterior maintenance in townhomes.


Understanding the differences between condo and townhome ownership is important for making informed real estate decisions. Whether you value convenience and low maintenance or prefer autonomy and customization, there’s a homeownership option that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

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