Set up homeowner’s insurance

One of the things the mortgage underwriter will require you do at some point during the underwriting process is to set up your homeowner’s insurance, so it’s better to get started on this task during the investigations and inspections period. For most people, your home is the biggest purchase you will ever make and you want to make sure it’s properly insured.

My biggest piece of advice is to shop around for your homeowner’s insurance because rates can vary dramatically. I recommend starting with whatever company insures your car and getting a quote from them first as you’ll likely get a discount for already having another policy through them. After that, reach out to my recommended insurance provider for quotes. You can find that contact info on the Real Estate Resources page of


Here’s a great article with 12 tips for saving money on your homeowner’s insurance

Have your homeowner’s insurance policy go into effect the day BEFORE you close on your new home. That way if (heaven forbid) your new house burns while you’re at closing, you’ll be covered. Also, be sure to get proper documentation from your new homeowner’s insurance company to provide your underwriter; they will require proof of insurance before they’ll approve your loan.

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