Closing day!

Closing day is almost here! Yay!!

A title company will be closing your sale transaction on the agreed date at a time that best suits both you and the buyer.

Here are some things to expect between now and your closing:

In the days prior to closing, you will receive a settlement statement from the title company. I will examine it. You also review it carefully, and be sure to contact me with any questions.

Some things the title company escrow officer will need:

  • Your lender’s name
  • Lender’s contact info
  • Loan number
  • Power of Attorney documents, if applicable
  • Your legal name, including Jr., Sr., III, etc.

You will need to bring to closing

  • Driver’s license (or other legal photo identification
  • Power of attorney letter, if applicable
  • All remaining keys and garage door transmitter(s)
  • Reading glasses, if you need them 🙂
  • Just because we did our job, it doesn’t mean everyone else did. We have to be patient and flexible on the closing day in case of schedule changes and delays
  • Blank or canceled check if you want the proceeds of the sale directly deposited into your account
  • A cashier’s check for the amount of money you are required to bring to closing, if applicable
  • Your forwarding address

And that’s it! Congratulations on a successful sale. Thank you for trusting me to sell your home.

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