Here’s a list of new construction items that may be forgotten

Are you considering new construction for your next home? The process is exciting, full of many decisions to make and multiple time deadlines to meet. I’ve seen families disappointed to discover some things they wish they would’ve added to the build AFTER construction was complete.

home under construction with framers on the roof

To help in that regard, I’ve compiled a list of building items from a number of sources for you to consider when you meet with your home builder.

After all, building a custom or semi-custom home should give you everything you want! You may not need or want all the things on this list, however you may get ideas and truly ensure the best outcome for your new construction. And certainly everything adds up quickly, so prioritize your list of wants.

Here’s my list—please feel free to add more in the comments at the bottom of the page!

  1. Outlets in the kitchen pantry for charging electronics or for items that may end up living there
  2. Full-size broom closet in pantry or laundry room to hide all the cleaning items out of sight. Maybe include electrical outlet for cordless vacuum and/or flashlight.
  3. Plan where your dog/cat feeding dishes will go so you don’t cut in vents and not leave open space. Also if you have cats, think about where to keep the litter box (boxes if your the crazy cat lady). Maybe in storage space under mudroom bench?
  4. Maybe solar tubes in areas that don’t get natural sunlight (with switch to close off)
  5. Prewire security system (including cameras) if you’re not starting out with it
  6. Prepare roof for future solar panels
  7. Think carefully about HVAC vent placement with regard to furniture and curtains
  8. You may want a central vacuum system. Consider a Hide-A-Hose retractable hose system! Don’t forget an outlet that’s accessible to the garage.
  9. Run conduit under the driveway for possible wiring or plumbing in the future
  10. Four-receptacle electrical outlets in master bedroom at nightstands. Our portable devices stay close to us!
  11. If your attic will have enough space for storage, you may want a couple electrical outlets to plug in a fan, additional light, or a powered digital television antenna
  12. Exterior electrical outlets under the eaves with interior switches/timer switches for Christmas lights
  13. Recessed space for your refrigerator so it will be flush with adjacent cabinets
  14. If you entertain very much, you may want a second water line for a standalone ice maker—either in the kitchen or bar area
  15. Electrical outlet inside vanity drawers or cabinets for blow dryer, cordless razor, etc.
  16. Pre-wire indoor and outdoor speakers
  17. Electricity to garden areas for lighting
  18. Soundproofing some walls (laundry room, powder room, etc.)
  19. Identify area for alarm system, network server for IOT (internet of things), internet modem/routers, etc. Additional internet routers/boosters in different zones
  20. Storm shelter in garage or safe room in house
  21. Carbon monoxide detector on each level
  22. Gas line to deck or patio for barbecue grill. And make it convenient from the kitchen!
  23. Plumb both gas and electric for cooktop, clothes dryer, water heater and furnace
  24. Whole-house surge protector in the breaker box
  25. Make sure your electrician labels all switches in the breaker box
  26. Pre-wire for power generator to essential items. May be cheaper to install two separate breaker boxes, one for essential items and the other for everything else.
  27. Motion sensor on the pantry light
  28. Consider installing a garage door opener switch on the inside wall.
  29. Consider the possibility of having an electric or hybrid car in the future that needs sufficient power accessible in the garage—or near the driveway (if you’re an especially generous host)
  30. Drain(s) in garage for rain/snow/ice from cars (even in Oklahoma, it happens occasionally!)
  31. Locate the laundry room where most of the laundry is generated—near the bedrooms
  32. Water shutoff valve in the garage instead of just at the meter
  33. Water shutoff for refrigerator under the sink instead of behind the fridge
  34. Under-cabinet lighting helps to see your whole prep areas. Toe-kick lighting is perfect night lighting.
  35. Wall safe bolted to studs
  36. Multiple TV coaxial outlets in some rooms. Should also run ethernet to rooms where you would have smart TVs (internet will be faster through hard-wired connection than on wifi).

Again, this list just has some ideas you might have forgotten in your new construction project. If you have additions, please leave ’em in a comment below!