Schedule the transfer of your utilities

This is one of the tasks few people think about doing ahead of time but is crucial. You don’t want to forget and end up paying the buyer’s electricity bill for the first month! So call now to let the utility companies know you’re moving. Ask to have all utilities taken out of your name the day of closing.

Generally in Shawnee you’ll call:

  • OG&E for the electricity
  • ONG for natural gas service
  • City of Shawnee for water/sewer/garbage

You’ll also need to call your TV and internet provider as well.

Have all of the utilities stop on the day of closing. If you have a security system, schedule it to be shut off the day before closing.

Moving to a new home, you’ll want to transfer the utilities instead of canceling them.

Here is a link to contact information for the utility providers.

Questions? Call me at (405) 585-6580 or email

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